AAMI Fire & Theft Contents Insurance Cat Burglar Commercial – Shame Lorraine

AAMI Cat Burglar Commercial - Lorraine

AAMI promotes its Fire & Theft Contents Insurance for Renters in a hilarious new ad, featuring Lorraine, a cat burglar.

The spot, created by Ogilvy Melbourne, opens with the fuzzy feline putting in front of her owner, who’s working on a puzzle, a watch. “Lorraine, where’s this from?” the woman asks, looking at the watch. The cat gets out through the window, out and about in the neighborhood, and returns with other objects, including a scarf, a fidget spinner, dolphin-shaped china figurines, and even a Chaikovsky crystal, which it turns out they are neighbours’ belongings. “Shame Lorraine!” the woman says, while looking at the crystal.

The ad also features one of the victims of Lorraine calling up AAMI to take out Insurance for Renters, given the number of thefts in the area.

“AAMI knows everyone’s contents are precious. Burgled or cat burgled, AAMI Fire & Theft Contents Insurance provides cover of up to $25,000,” the voiceover says at the end of the spot, adding the tagline “That’s Not Very Insurancey”.

The insurance company revealed that Lorraine is actually a he, named Rosie by his owner’s youngest daughter. Adopted from a shelter when he was just a kitten, he was brought up on a farm on the Goulburn River with other animals, including cows, pigs and dogs, and the horse that was also used in AAMI’s 2017 Spring Racing campaign. Rosie’s training for the shoot lasted six weeks and involved him learning to follow Deacon and McDuff, two dogs who are his best mates, through, around and even over the sets.

Over the years, AAMI has used in its advertising campaigns also other animals, from dogs and horses, to swans and ferrets, llamas, ostriches, and seagulls.

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