Verizon $500 Off Samsung Galaxy S9 Surprise Party Commercial – Feat. Thomas Middleditch & Annie Monroe

Verizon Samsung Galaxy S9 Surprise Party Commercial

Verizon has launched a new commercial, urging viewers to switch to Verizon to get $500 off on Samsung Galaxy S9, valid with select trade-in on pre-orders.

The spot, titled “Surprise”, features a young woman in red polka-dotted dress (actress Annie Monroe) at a surprise party who wants to share the moment the birthday girl is surprised through a video call, but doesn’t manage to do it because of her lagging mobile service. Thomas Middleditch shows up and, after informing everyone at the party about her misfortune, tells her she needs Verizon, “the best network for streaming.” He gives her a Samsung Galaxy S9 equipped with Verizon Unlimited to try, mentioning it’s a game changers, and then asks the guests to reenact the surprise scene once more, from the top.

Samsung unveiled its new Galaxy S9 and S9+ last month, on February 25. The two smartphones, which are packed with a series of performance improvements and camera enhancements, including the ability to shoot 720p “super slow-motion” videos at 960 frames per second and support for 4K UHD recording, are sold unlocked by the South Korean company for $720 and $840 respectively, from its website.

They will be released worldwide on March 16.

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