Succession (HBO 2018 Series) – Trailer Song

Succession (HBO Series)

HBO has released a first trailer for its upcoming series Succession, set to premiere this summer.

From Executive Producers Jesse Armstrong, Frank Rich, Adam McKay, Kevin Messick, Will Ferrell, Jane Tranter and Mark Mylod, the show is set in New York and revolves around the Roy family, who controls a global media and entertainment empire. According to the official synopsis, “When patriarch Logan Roy (Brian Cox) announces he’s stepping down as head of the company, the family is forced to contemplate their next moves”.

The cast includes Jeremy Strong as Kendall Roy, eldest son of Logan’s second marriage, Kieran Culkin as Roman Roy, Kendall’s younger brother, Sarah Snook as Siobhan “Shiv” Roy, Logan’s only daughter and younger sister to Kendall and Roman, Alan Ruck as Connor Roy, the eldest son and only child from Logan’s first marriage, Hiam Abbass as Marcia “Marcy” Roy, current wife of Logan, and others.

The trailer opens with Kendall Roy in the back seat of a car growling and telling the driver “This is the day we make it happen.” The latter answers “You’re the man, Mr. Roy.” Judging by the following scene, that was not the day they made it happen, if Kendal referred to reaching an agreement on a company. “So, we got a deal?” he asks a man who replies “I’m not letting you Neanderthals in to rape my company” and calls him “Daddy’s boy.” In another scene, Kendall is asked by another businessman “Do you wanna call your dad?”, which again makes him burst into rage. Logan Roy’s first line heard in the trailer is “Son, business is a competition.” “No time to be weak, conflict-averse, and I’m concerned you might be… soft,” he also tells Kendall, who’s apparently hunted by his father’s opinion about him. The trailer goes on to reveal that Kendal and his younger brother, Roman, plan to “take over” and “revolutionize”. Asked by Kendall “What do you have against me?”, their sister gives a series of arguments that, according to her, their father would have listed, as well. “You lack killer instinct. You’re wet, you’re green, you have addictive issues,” she tells Kendal, making him stop her and say that’s enough. She then specifies she doesn’t believe all those things she had said and she’s “just trying to be dad’s voice”.

The song used in the trailer is the 2016 single “The Runner” by Zack Hemsey, from his 2016 album, “Nomad”.

Succession, which explores themes of power, politics, money, and family, is slated to premiere in June.

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