Samsung Galaxy Thrive Commercial


Samsung Galaxy Thrive Commercial

Samsung highlights, in a new commercial, that we spend 76 full days a year looking at our phones and encourages people to unplug using THRIVE, an app that “makes technology work for us”.

“You’re in love with your phone. You always have been. You loved snapping your first phone shut. You loved sliding it open. You found the perfect case for it. You ruined your favorite song by turning it into a ringtone. Now you’re obsessed. You spend the equivalent of 76 full days a year looking at it. In that time, you could scale Mount Everest twice. Make 912 pizzas from scratch. Or say ‘I love you’ 2,188,800 times. And your phone is always with you. You love that it can answer all your questions. You love that it tells you where to be and when. You love binge watching. You love making music videos. You love that it can help you fall in love. Oh, and you love its power to connect people and change the world. But we want more.” the voiceover says on the 90-second spot, adding that “We want to be more present when it matters. We want to be more social in real life than on social media.” and raising the question “How do we use what we love to get what we want?” The answer comes from the voiceover, as well, who says that “We can start by taking back our time.” He then starts talking about Thrive, mentioning that it is an app that makes technology work for us. “It tracks the time you spend on apps and sets goals that literally put hours back in your day. When you go into Thrive Mode, it blocks all those pings that never stop, except from the people that matter most, and lets everyone else know when they can reach you again. So you can spend less time like this and more time like this.” the voiceover says, while on screen people spending quality time with each other are seen.

At the end of the video, viewers are invited to share it if they are ready to look up from their phone and get the Thrive app from the Samsung Galaxy Apps.

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