Rightmove Bachelors Advert Song – Couple and Flatmate Living Together

Couple in Rightmove TV Advert

Rightmove continues its “Life Steps” ad campaign with a new spot, encouraging people to find a new home when life moves on.

The advert, created by agency Fold7 and titled “Bachelors”, features John and Sam, two guys who’ve been best friends since forever, living together and spending their time playing video games, until John decides to have his girlfriend, Gemma, move in. Things obviously change and the couple must deal now with all kinds of moments, some hilarious, others awkward and others quite unpleasant. One night, when their romantic dinner is interrupted by their flatmate, the two lovers realize it’s time to make their “rightmove” and get a place of their own, which it turns out is right next door. “When life moves, make your rightmove” flashes across the screen at the end of the spot, which is soundtracked by the hit single “I Wanna Stay with You” by Scottish musical duo (comprising singer-songwriters Benny Gallagher and Graham Lyle), from their fifth album, “Breakaway”, released in 1976.

The spot is airing during Channel 4 shows One Born Every Minute, Damned, Supervet and others.

The “Life Steps” campaign debuted on the Great British Bake Off on Christmas Day with a spot that marked Fold7’s first work for Rightmove and featured an old man walking up the stairs in his house over again, each time carrying something different for his wife who, after asking him to give her a hand, tells him she no longer needs his help.

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