Premier Inn Indian Couple Advert Song – The Bridesmaid’s Tale

Premier Inn Indian Advert - The Bridesmaid's Tale

Premier Inn has released a new advert, featuring an excited bridesmaid and groomsman celebrating the Big Day at Premier Inn.

Titled “The Bridesmaid’s Tale”, the spot features the young Indian couple, who met across the unlimited breakfast buffet at Premier Inn, making the most of the hotel’s vanity mirrors, free Wi-Fi and unlimited breakfast as they are getting ready for their wedding, which includes a synchronized dance to the rhythms of Panjabi MC ‘s “Mundian To Bach Ke”, also known as “Beware of the Boys (Mundian To Bach Ke)”. Host Alexandra Dykes makes an appearance, as well.

“Whatever your story, this is a great place to start,” the voiceover says at the end of the advert.

Britain’s biggest hotel chain helps people find high-quality hotel rooms from £35 at over 750 hotels across the country, ideal for families, business and leisure. The breakfast menu at Premier Inn restaurants includes unlimited Costa coffee, Twinings tea and fruit juice, and gives people the chance to choose from a range including Continental breakfast (from £6.99), which features freshly baked croissants, sweet pastries, sourdough crumpets, US-style pancakes, bagels, a choice of thickly sliced bread with tempting spreads, fruit, cereals, granola and creamy Yeo Valley yogurts, Full Premier Inn Breakfast (from £8.99), which features bubble ‘n’ squeak and black pudding alongside favourites such as premium sausages, back bacon, hash browns, closed cup mushrooms and eggs cooked to order, as well as anything from the Continental selection.

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