Paul Thorn – Don’t Let The Devil Ride (Album Tracklist)

Paul Thorn - Don't Let The Devil Ride

Paul Thorn’s album “Don’t Let The Devil Ride” including fourteen tracks, such as “Love Train”, “Jesus Gonna Make up My Dyin’ Bed”, “One More River” and “The Half Has Never Been Told”, is out now and available to be purchased on Amazon as MP3 ($7.99), Audio CD ($9.89) and Vinil (£19.98).


1. Come on Let’s Go
2. The Half Has Never Been Told
3. You Got to Move
4. Keep Holdin’ On
5. He’s a Battle Axe
6. Something on My Mind
7. Soon I Will Be Done
8. One More River
9. He’ll Make a Way
10. Don’t Let the Devil Ride
11. What Should I Do
12. Jesus Gonna Make up My Dyin’ Bed
13. Love Train
14. The Get Back

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