Pandora Jewellery Shine Commercial Song (New Shine by Sophia Urista)

Pandora Shine Commercial

PANDORA showcases its new Shine collection, featuring jewellery staples crafted in 18k gold-plated sterling silver, in a new commercial.

The ad opens with a woman waking up and starting her day by putting on a PANDORA Shine necklace, which makes all the things around her become covered in gold, from the coffee cup she takes out of the dishwasher to the kitchen walls, counter top, chairs, and windows. Looking down to a woman getting out of a neighboring flat to get into her car, she sees the car being covered by a golden layer, as well. On her way, the latter sees a woman, who’s also wearing pieces from the PANDORA Shine collection, riding a golden bike through the city.

Serving as the perfect soundtrack is the upcoming single “New Shine” by Sophia Urista (feat. This Is Care Of favorite “Volunteeer”), which is set to be released on March 30.

The new PANDORA Shine Collection made its debut at an exclusive launch party on March 14th in NYC and is available online and in stores since March 15. Among the pieces included in the collection are the Limited Edition PANDORA Shine Honeybee Bracelet ($180), the Sweet As Honey Charm Tiger Eye & Clear CZ ($100), the PANDORA Shine Enchanted Crown Ring ($115), the Honeybee Charm ($50), the PANDORA Shine Sliding Bracelet ($175), Smooth Bracelet ($175), and many more. For a limited time, through April 11, you will receive a free ring dish with your $150 PANDORA Shine purchase.

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