OVO Energy Advert Song – Household Appliances on the Beach


OVO Energy TV Advert

OVO Energy highlights, in its latest ad, that climate change is real and urges people to switch to 100% renewable electricity from OVO.

The 60-second spot, released with the tagline “It’s Time To Power Your Life Differently”, features hundreds of household appliances on a beach that get turned on, while in the background the song “Raining Blood” by the American thrash metal band Slayer is playing. Finally, the lines “It’s time To Power Your Life Differently” and “Switch to 100% renewable electricity from OVO” flash across the screen.

OVO Energy created a “Green Energy” add-on, described as “100% affordable”, “100% flexible” and “100% greener”, which enables people to get 100% renewable electricity for an extra £5 a month on any plan, anytime, with the possibility to cancel whenever. Moreover, OVO will plant five trees for them each year in the UK. The company has also designed a bundle called “EV Everywhere” specially for electric vehicle owners, which combines a 2 year fixed energy plan and two free add-ons for effortless charging at home and on the road, helping thus save more than £300 over two years.

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