McVitie’s Crane Operator Advert Song – Sweeter Together

McVitie's Crane Operator TV Advert

McVitie’s has introduced a new tagline, “Sweeter Together”, with the launch of its latest ad campaign, aimed at highlighting the importance of connections and how the simple act of sharing a biscuit has the power to bring people together.

The campaign debuted with a 60-second animated spot titled “Crane”, which revolves around a crane operator working dozens of metres above the ground. Every day, he watches his coworkers below him getting together for short breaks over a tea and biscuits and starts feeling lonely when his waves and smiles go unnoticed. One day he gets a surprise, though, that shows him he hasn’t been forgotten: his workmates loaded a steal beam with a cuppa and McVitie’s snacks.

“Sometimes the little things are actually the really big things” an onscreen line reads at the end of the spot.

Created by longstanding ad agency Grey, the advert was directed by director duo Smith and Foulkes through Nexus and scored by SoundTree’s Peter Raeburn. The £9.7m campaign, which replaces the brand’s longstanding and popular “Sweet” campaign, featuring fuzzy kittens and puppies, will run on TV, social and in-store.

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