Loreena McKennitt – Lost Souls (Album Tracklist & Release Date)

Loreena McKennitt - Lost Souls (The Album)

Loreena McKennitt’s upcoming album “Lost Souls” including nine tracks, such as “Sun, Moon And Stars”, “A Hundred Wishes”, “Breaking Of The Sword” and “Spanish Guitars And Night Plazas”, is scheduled to be released on May 11, 2018.

The album is available for pre-order on Amazon as MP3 ($9.49), Audio CD ($13.98) and Vinyl ($29.98).


1. Spanish Guitars And Night Plazas
2. A Hundred Wishes
3. Ages Past, Ages Hence
4. The Ballad Of The Fox Hunter
5. Manx Ayre
6. La belle dame sans merci
7. Sun, Moon And Stars
8. Breaking Of The Sword
9. Lost Souls

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