Google Assistant Sia Commercial Song – Flowers for Her Assistants

Google Assistant Sia Commercial

Sia Furler stars in a new Google ad, promoting the Google Assistant. The Australian singer, famous for wearing wigs that cover half of her face, has some quite funny lines as she has her real assistant helping her get ready for an event.

“Ok, I gotta order vegan cupcakes, vegan mayo, vegan light bulbs. Remember to call the vet. Oh, I’m having a great idea: I should get flowers for my assistants. But I can’t ask my assistants to get flowers for themselves. That would be not cool at all. Yeah, not really a gift then. It’s a job.” she’s heard saying on the 30-second spot, while on screen she is seen sporting a pink outfit and a half-blonde half-black wig before a show.

The commercial ends with the taglines “Make Google do it.” and “Get the Google Assistant and make Google do it.” flashing across the screen and with Busta Rhymes’ “Get It” playing in the background.

This is only one of the several ads launched by Google to taunt its smart assistant, available for download on Google Play and in App Store.

Kevin Durant, John Legend and Chrissy Teigen also star in 30-second spots aimed at highlighting that Google Assistant can also help you make a grocery list, remind you what to buy at the store, and finding a show on TV.

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