Flash Ultra Singing Dog Advert Song

Flash Ultra TV Advert - Singing Dog

Procter & Gamble promotes, in a new advert rolling out in the UK and Ireland, Flash Ultra Power, which cuts through dirt, grease and grime all around the house.

The 30-second spot features Dave, a man trying to clean some grease on the kitchen wall with a no name cleaner.

Watching him, Flash Dog starts singing to the tune of the iconic Queen song “Flash”, telling him that the grease is going nowhere, which leads to the guy starting to use Flash Ultra, which works miracles, according to the song.

“When you put Flash to the test, you’ll be feeling well impressed,” the song goes on and the two are seen cleaning together the entire kitchen and the bathtub. Finally, the tagline “Flast – Cleans up the impossible” is heard.
P&G’s market-leading homecare brand’s singing mascot was introduced in 2016, when the Flash A-Ha! ad campaign by Leon Burnett London was launched.

In the spot, Flash Dog was seen shaking the mud all off around his owner’s kitchen and bathroom. Luckily, she uses Flash Multi-Surface Concentrated Cleaner on her floors and to wipe down surfaces and the bath, which leaves Flash Dog wonder “Where the hell has all the mud gone?”.

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