Corona Extra Every Time You Want… Commercial Song

Model in Corona Extra Commercial

Corona continues its “Find Your Beach” campaign with a new spot, promoting Corona Extra, the number one imported beer in the U.S.

The ad, titled “Want” and available as 15- and 30-second versions, encourages viewers to never stop finding reasons for a Corona to get its lime by showing people who get together and enjoy a Corona Extra.

“Every time you want the weekend to start on Thursday, a Corona gets its lime. Every time you want a New York minute to slow down. Every time you don’t want a night to end. Every time all you want is this…” the voiceover says, referring to enjoy a stay in a wonderful mansion at the seaside with an amazing view to the ocean. “And every time you can’t think of a single thing you need, a Corona gets its lime.” the voiceover adds at the end of the spot, before the tagline “Find your beach” flashes across the screen.

The soundtrack music the 2016 single “Saltwater” by Australian pop duo Geowulf, included on their 2018 album, “Great Big Blue”, released earlier this year, on February 16.

Corona Extra, the long-standing number one imported beer brand in America, has owned the beach for many years. However, the challenge to have a growth in international markets and have Corona viewed as an all occasion beer determined the brand to modify the concept of the beach and turn it into a state of mind regardless of a consumer’s physical place or daily situation. This is how the “Find Your Beach” campaign, created by thr long-time agency Cramer-Krasselt, based in Chicago, Illinois, was launched, in 2010, introducing the slogan “Find your beach”.

In 2012, this campaign brought the Crown Imports (the company owning Corona brands) the Gold in the Beverage-Alcohol category at the 45th Annual Effie Awards.

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