California Lottery Triple Jackpot Scratchers Commercial Song

California Lottery Scratchers Commercial

California Lottery invites you to “Triple the feeling with Triple Jackpot Scratchers from the California Lottery” in its latest commercial, promoting the Triple Jackpot Scratchers.

The 60-second spot, created based on the fact that each Triple Jackpot Scratchers ticket has three top jackpot prizes, instead of one like all other Scratchers tickets, is titled “Triple the Feeling” and opens with a young man getting out of a convenience store. A Triple Jackpot Scratchers ticket in his hand, he pulls out a coin to start scratching and, as he goes down the sidewalk, he multiplies into three versions of himself. On his way, he offers a flower to a woman, holds the door open for an old man, and throws a frisbee to his dog. Moreover, the three versions show off synced dance moves (choreographed by Fatima Robinson, who worked with artists including Prince, Rihanna, Pharell, and Black Eyed Peas), spreading joy all around. The soundtrack music is “13” by rising artist Allan Rayman (who received a Juno Award nomination for Breakthrough Artist of the Year at the Juno Awards of 2018), from his second album, “Roadhouse 01”.

A 30-second version of the commercial, which was created by LA-based David&Goliath and directed by Bruce St. Clair, aired during the Oscars. The campaign also includes OOH, digital, experiential and radio, which illustrate in fun and surprising ways the idea of “Tripling the Feeling”.

Triple Jackpot Scratchers ($20) offers a chance to win top prizes of $1,000,000, $2,000,000, or $5,000,000. The Triple Jackpot series includes $2, $5, and $10 Scratchers, with multiple top prizes at all 3 levels and a host of other prizes.

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