ASDA Easter Advert Song – Feast Under £2.50 a Head

ASDA Easter TV Advert

ASDA urges viewers, in its latest advert, to “Give the family an Easter feast for under £2.50 a head”.

The spot features a family around the table for an Easter feast that includes meat and a variety of oven-baked vegetables, like buttery marabel potatoes, parsnips, carrots, and dessert. The yellow flower placed in the middle of the table, as well as other objects, start dancing and singing, spreading joy all around.

The ad also informs that the meal feeds eight adults and includes main, sides, vegetables and dessert, and excludes drinks. Children, specifically those under 4, have different nutritional needs. It is also mentioned that the offer is subject to availability in selected stores.

“This Easter, spring’s our thing at ASDA. Give the family an Easter feast for under £2.50 a head.” the voiceover says at the end of the spot, adding the supermarket chain’s tagline, “Save money. Live better”.

The soundtrack music is “Do Your Thing” by English electronic music duo Basement Jaxx, which originally appeared on their second studio album, Rooty, launched in 2001, and was released in August 2002 as a 12″ Limited Edition, vinyl single in UK and as a CD single in Australia.

ASDA’s Easter Feast range includes ASDA Extra Special Buttery Marabel Potatoes (priced at £2.00 for 2kg), ASDA Butcher’s Selection Lamb Leg Bone in Joint, ASDA Grower’s Selection Parsnips (priced at £0.65 for 500g), ASDA Grower’s Selection Carrots (priced at £0.60 for 1kg), ASDA Grower’s Selection Spring Greens (priced at £0.69 for 500g), ASDA Meat Gravy Granules (£0.60), ASDA 12 Yorkshire Puddings (£0.85), ASDA Black Forest Gateau (£2.00), and more.

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