Acer Chromebook 14 Commercial Song


Acer Chromebook 14 Commercial

Google showcases the new Acer Chromebook 14 in a spot aimed at highlighting that “If you’re over the old way of doing things, you Chromebook”.

The advert nods at some of the most important features of this new type of computer, which is a sleek, lightweight, all-metal device with vivid touchscreen, through a series of onscreen lines that read “If you’re over the old way of doing things”, “If you wish computers were more like phones”, “If you want photos that back up themselves”, “If you think virus protection should be built-in”, “If you want to leave your charger at home”. Finally, the tagline “You Chromebook” flashes across the screen and the Acer Chromebook 12, available at Currys PC World, is shown.
The soundtrack music is the 2017 single “Mona Lisa” by Atlanta Pop-Rock trio OBB.

Equipped with built-in virus protection, Chromebook “starts fast and stays fast” with updates done automatically when you’re online. Its long-life battery enables users to work online or off and the possibility to log in to your Google account makes the setup and use easy.

Chromebooks come in all shapes and sizes with a range that includes Google Pixelbook (starting at $999), Samsung Chromebook Pro (starting at $599.99), Samsung Chromebook Plus (starting at $499.99), Asus Chromebook Flip C302 (starting at $449), Acer Chromebook R13 (starting at $399), and others.

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