Volkswagen Golf Boy in Transformer Costume Commercial Song

Volkswagen Golf Commercial - Boy in Transformer Costume

Volkswagen Australia showcases the new Golf in a commercial aimed at highlighting that it is more than a car.

The 60-second spot, titled “RoboBoy”, opens with a girl at school giving an invitation to her birthday party to a boy who’s been secretely liking her and sets out to impress her. Together with his father, the kid creates an original costume, since it’s a costume party, based on his VW Golf, and he shows up at the girl’s place like a Transformer. There, he manages to use his costume/car’s features in his favor, managing thus to impress his classmate, who seems to already have a boyfriend, dressed as Superman at the party. When he’s almost about to kiss her, his dad shows up to take him home. This proves to be a new occasion for him to impress the girl and the rest of the kids with the car’s capabilities. This time, the real car as his father drives a VW Golf.

The soundtrack music is the 1976 hit single “Sunny” by Boney M., from their 1976 debut album, “Take the Heat off Me”, following their breakthrough single “Daddy Cool”.

The latest Golf marks, according to the automaker, “the next step in the evolution of this model, boasting a striking new level of design.” LED Alloy wheels, LED Daytime Driving Lights and LED tail lights, a driver-focused dash, Black or Pure Grey Vienna leather appointed upholstery, 8” display, an optional Infotainment package with Pro 9.2″ display and Gesture Control, Optional Driving Profile Selection, Active Info Display, as well as a suite of safety technologies including Manoeuvre Braking, Driver Fatigue Detection, Blind Spot Monitor, and Rear View Camera, are only some of the features of the new Golf.

The new Golf line-up includes 110TSI, Trendline, Comfortline, and Highline.

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