The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas Commercial Song – Behind Closed Doors

The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas Commercial

The luxury resort casino and hotel The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas, on the Las Vegas Strip in Paradise, Nevada, has released a new commercial, giving viewers a glimpse into what’s “Behind Closed Doors”.

The spot, created by agency R/GA, features a variety of scenes each taking place in a different room, aimed at illustrating the idea of intrigue, mischief, mystery, and boundless indulgence. Behind the door 777, for instance, in a room full of sweets, a blonde short-haired woman with sugar crystals on her lips gives a muffin to a man, in another room, a man sitting in an armchair is looking at a woman swinging in a circle, while another man with his eyes covered with a black scarf is sitting in a chair, in another room tree young women are sitting in a tub full of foam wearing black swimsuits and roller skates, in another room a woman wearing an outfit nodding at BDSM practices and a man are clinking their glasses.

The song used in the ad “Set It In Motion” by American electronic pop singer-songwriter Ruelle (Margaret “Maggie” Eckford by her real name).

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