Renault Kangoo Z.E. The Postman Commercial Song

Renault Kangoo ZE Commercial - The Postman

Renault promotes the 100% electric, zero noise Kangoo Z.E. in a hilarious commercial, that tells the romantic and funny story of a postman and his pursuit to get closer to his crush.

The 90-second animated spot, created by The Loft Publicis, directed by Akama, produced by WIZZ and animated by NKI, features the postman, named Lars, trying to get face to face again with the girl he met on his daily postal round and fell for, Karen. Unlukily for him, the noisy vehicle he’s driving makes the girl’s protective and noise-sensitive dog become really angry and stand in his way of getting close to her. Day after day, he has unpleasant encounters with the dog, becoming the target of his attacks, until one morning, when he decides to used instead a Renault Kangoo ZE. It turns out this silent electric car is just what he needed to pass by the dog and see the beautiful girl again.

Soundtracked by “Love’Z at first sight” composed by Sixième Son, the commercial ends with the tagline “Everything starts with an electric moment”.

Renault Z.E. offers a line-up of 100% electric vehicles and associated services, for both private and business customers.

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