NBC Super Bowl Commercial Song – Let’s Go Crazy

NBC Super Bowl Commercial

NBC has released a star-studded commercial to wish viewers Happy Super Bowl.

The spot, directed by Spike Lee, opens with the cast of “Will & Grace” getting together for drinks to watch “Super Bowl LII.” After a short conversation about the days when athletes competed naked, Grace (Debra Messing) blurts out “Things divide us, but NBC and sports keep us together”.

At this point, Jennifer Lopez is seen on a stage, leading to a musical performance to the tune of “Let’s Go Crazy” by Prince & the Revolution stars, with cast members from NBC shows, including “SNL”, “The Good Place”, “This Is Us”, “Superstore”, “The Voice”, “America’s Got Talent”, “Hollywood Game Night”, “NBC Nigtly News”, “World of Dance”, “Making It”, “Today”, “Late Night”, and “Law and Order: SVU”, singing and dancing.

“If you don’t like the world you’re livin’ in,
Take a look around
At least you got friends.
Called my old lady
For a friendly word
She picked up the phone
Dropped it on the floor.
Ah, ah,
it’s all I heard.
We’re all excited
Don’t know why
Maybe it’s because
We’re all gonna die.
And when we do
What’s it all for?
Better live now
Before the grim reaper come knockin’ on your door.
Are we going to let the elevator bring us down?
Oh, no! Let’s go go!
Let’s go crazy!
Let’s get nuts!
Look for the purple banana
Till they put us in the truck!
Let’s go!
Let’s go!”

Super Bowl LII takes place Sunday, February 4th, starting 6:30 p.m. Eastern / 3:30 p.m. Pacific.

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