Nationwide Building Society Flo & Joan Number 1 Fan Advert Song

Nationwide Building Society TV Advert - Flo & Joan

Nationwide Building Society highlights, in a new advert starring Flo & Joan, that they like to reward their loyal members with exclusive savings rates.

The comedy duo, consisting of sisters Nicola & Rosie Dempsey, perform, this time, a song called “Number 1 Fan”, which points out the highs and lows of being a truly loyal “Number 1 Fan”.

The two sisters reveal, through the original lyrics, what they have made for their teenage crush, as number 1 fans, which included buying every CD, wearing every shirt, supporting them in both good and bad moments, crossing the country for them, and putting their lives in a van which they painted with all of the crush’s faces. What else did they do? Learned every dance move.

The two siblings have starred so far in several other adverts for Nationwide Building Society, which is the world’s largest building society, singing about the festive funk people find themselves stuck into between Christmas through the New Year, about sibling rivalry, about making a house a home. One of the latest songs included a question for their mom, who was asked to reveal which one of them she likes best.

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