2018 Games: Farming Simulator 19 (Trailer Song)

Farming Simulator 19 (Trailer)

Xbox has released the trailer for Farming Simulator 19, coming to Xboc One at the end of 2018, showing some of its new features.

The reveal trailer, set to the rhythms of “Clutch” by Electric Worry, opens with a farmer stepping into a puddle on his way to a garage. Followed by a dog and keys in hand, he watches as the garage door lifts to unveil a huge vehicle that is not shown, though, the teaser ending at this point, with a close-up of the protagonist. “Farm like never before” flashes across the screen before other onscreen lines announce the game launch for this year’s fall and directing viewers to the game website.

According to XBox, Farming Simulator 19 will feature, at launch, three distinct open-worlds in which players will be able to develop and expand their farm, in solo or with friends. There will be two environments entirely new and an all-improved version of the South American environment which has been overhauled to take advantage of the new engine’s capabilities.

New farming activities will also be available, along with new animals, brand new machines, brand new mechanics, as well as new crops, all of which will be revealed in great detail over the coming months. In terms of vehicles, Farming Simulator 19’s garage is announced to be “he franchise’s most extensive vehicles roster ever.”

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