E*TRADE Super Bowl Commercial Song – Old People Working

Granny DJ Nana E*TRADE Super Bowl Commercial

E*TRADE shows, in its Super Bowl LII commercial, the consequences of an aging population working into their retirement years and encourages people to start saving for their retirement.

Titled “This Is Getting Old”, the spot features several elderly men and women going to work, where their tasks prove to be very challenging at times. In a Baywatch-inspired scene, a man in his 80s working as a lifeguard is seen running shirtless across a beach, alongside a young woman and a young man, another senior, working as a fireman, struggles with the power of the water hose, an old lady carrying a bunch of packages she must deliver loses some on her way, and another old lady, nicknamed “DJ Nana”, is DJ-ing in a club.

“Over 1/3 of Americans have no retirement savings.” – an onscreen line reveals at the end of the spot, which ends with the tagline “Don’t get mad. Get E*TRADE.” and urges people to open a retirement account.

Serving as the perfect soundtrack is Harry Belafonte’s classic song “Day-O (The Banana Boat Song)”, whose lyrics “I’m 85 and I want to go home” perfectly illustrate the protagonists’ mood.

The commercial, developed by creative agency Mullen Lowe, marks the return of the financial services company at the Super Bowl after a five-year break.

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