Diet Coke Twisted Mango Super Bowl 2018 Commercial Song – Feat. Hayley Magnus Dancing

Girl Dancing in Diet Coke Super Bowl Commercial

Diet Coke’s promotes the Twisted Mango flavor in the Super Bowl LII commercial, created by ad agency Anomaly.

Titled “Groove”, the spot features Australian TV and film actress Hayley Magnus holding a revamped can of Diet Coke Twisted Mango in her hand and trying to say something about it in front of the camera, as if she was supposed to shoot a commercial for it. She says “Because…” and stops. After taking a sip of it, though, she shows us why she likes it. Her body starts moving to the rhythms of Sam Gellaitry’s “Long Distance” and, apparently, she “can’t help it”.

Hayley Magnus was taped to appear in the brand’s larger “Because I Can” campaign, which debuted a week ago. She also stars in a spot dubbed “Spice of Life”, promoting the Diet Coke Zesty Blood Orange.

According to Paul Feig, the director of Diet Coke ads, the Aussie actress was supposed to shoot a six-second video for social media support in a campaign for Diet Coke when she started filming the 30-second spot that ended up as the brand’s Super Bowl LII spot. Her “task” reportedly was to “do something funny with her shoulders” in front of the giant yellow wall that serves as backdrop. Feig said she was “so funny from head to toe doing this dance”, “she was getting sillier and more charming”, and this made the team decide to use the video during the Big Game.

This was the first time Diet Coke has appeared in the Super Bowl in 21 years.

Diet Coke is now available in other flavors, as well, including Ginger Lime and Feisty Cherry.

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