Cover Versions (2018 Movie) – Trailer Song

Katie Cassidy - Cover Versions (2018 Movie)

Cover Versions is a crime drama film that takes viewers into the world of indie rock and shows how the relationship between the members of a band is affected when they become suspects in a murder case, after a wild night party they threw.

Written and directed by Todd Berger, the film centers around the members of a band called Starfoxy – lead singer Jackie (Katie Cassidy), Kirk (Austin Swift), Travis (Jerry Trainor) and Byron (Drake Bell) – who must cooperate with police after a fan is found face down in their swimming pool and two other fans overdosed in a fatal car accident. Investigators are trying to uncover the mystery of the dead fans by hearing every side of the story from the four artists, who become suspects. The cast also includes Debby Ryan, Ashley Argota, Jenn An, Brian Howe, Kevin Dunigan, and others.

The trailer opens with the four bandmates on their way to an unnamed music festival which seems quite important though since their appearance there might lead them to the cusp of greatness. “If tomorrow goes well, we’re going to blow up. And that means we have to get used to sold out crowds after all-night sex & drug binges. So we might start get used to.”, Austin Swift’s character, Kirk, tells Cassidy’s character, Jackie, while travelling to the music event. On the eve of their concert, they throw a house party and find one of the guests, a “groupie” invited by Kirk, dead in the pool, which leads to a series of alternative perspectives.

The song used in the trailer is “Superballz” by Nick Kingsley, an UK-based artist, who has composed the scores for a number of short films and documentaries in the UK and pursued the production of electronica music, in particular specializing in Drum and Bass.

Cover Versions is arriving on digital this spring, on April 10.

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