Chico’s Commercial Song – How Bold Are You?

Chico's Commercial Woman

Women’s clothing & accessories retailer Chico’s is launching a new ad campaign, called “How Bold Are You?”, aimed at inspiring women to feel good about themselves and about their age and highlighting that they are not now growing older, but bolder.

The 60-second spot points out a social pressure that many women must deal with, their aging, and celebrates bold women, who do what they like, without worrying about what others might think about them, while delivering an empowering message to women of all ages. “Lately, women can be absolutely anything. They can be curly, curvy, athletic. They can be cops, surgeons, mechanics, CEOs. But there’s one thing women are never, ever allowed to be.

45, 52, 63. Seriously!? I’m here, I’m 45. Get used to it. I like big jewelry & big laughs. I don’t sit and chat. I get up and dance. I don’t wear accent pieces. I wear exclamation points! When they tell me to lower my hemline, I tell them where to go. I’m not growing older. I’m growing bolder.” onscreen lines read throughout the ad, which features confident women donning Chico’s clothing, including the limited edition short-sleeve tee with the print 40 Years Bold, and accessories that flatter them all.

Serving as the perfect soundtrack is the 2016 single “Bold” by California-based indie pop rock duo The Highfield’s.

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