Asda Valentine’s Day Flowers Advert Song – Boy Sharing Red Roses

Girl in Asda Valentine's Day Commercial

Asda has launched its Valentine’s Day advert, urging viewers to share more love this Valentine’s Day with the gorgeous range of flowers available in-store from February 11th, from £2 to £30 each.

The 30-second spot features a young boy who leaves a red rose in various places on his way back home: in the bicycle basket of an old man, in a family’s home, through the letterbox, in the bag of a woman sitting on bench, in the arms of a garden gnome, in three pairs of boots belonging to a family, on the newspaper of a man having a cup of coffee at a coffee shop, and in a birdbox. Arrived at home, the kid gives to his mother a red rose, as well, and then keeps sharing them with his dog and his neighbor, a girl of his age surprised to receive a rose through the hole in the fence.

“Share more love this Valentine’s Day with hundreds of gorgeous gifts to suit any budget.” – the voiceover says at the end of the spot, which is soundtracked by The Clovers’ “Love, Love, Love”.

For this Valentine’s Day, the British supermarket chain has also started selling heart-shaped crumpets. Called Loveheart crumpets, they are available a pack of four in Asda stores across the UK for £1. In addition, it is also doing a £15 Valentine’s meal deal (available in stores and online from February 8 to February 15) , that includes a full-three course meal for two and a bottle of wine.

The range of Valentine’s Day related products also includes tipples & treats, like Proseccos, champagnes, and a variety of chocolate treats, fragrances from famous brands, like Jean Paul Gaultier, Calvin Klein, and Paul Smith, lingerie and nightwear from George.

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