Android Oreo Go Edition Commercial

Android Oreo Go Edition Commercial

A new commercial promoting Go edition of Android Oreo has been released, highlighting some of its most important features.

The spot informs that you will get 2x more available storage since there are fewer pre-installed apps, brand new apps are designed for lighter updates and downloads, which helps create more space while significantly improving performance, various options to help you stay in control of your data, such as Data Saver, which enables you to choose the apps that get to use your data and when, Peer-to-Peer Sharing, which enables you to share your favorite content from anywhere by using Files Go without impacting your data. The ad also highlights that you can go to sleep at night knowing your device is clean and your data is safe with Android Oreo and Google Play Protect and encourages you to “go big with a gig or less of ram” before introducing Android Oreo Go edition.

On Android website it is mentioned that “entry-level smartphones now have the same key security features as Android Oreo” and every Android smartphone comes with Google Play Protect, built-in mobile security that keeps your apps and data safe, 24/7. With Find My Device features built-in, it will be possible for you to track down your device if it gets lost or stolen, set a passcode or wipe it clean just by signing into your Google account from another device. Around the clock scans optimized for low data use so they don’t waste your data is another key security feature, along with the one that scans all app installs, no matter where you download them from, even when you’re offline.

Among the available new Google apps are Files Go, which helps you quickly find files and get rid of any unwanted content, Google Go, which helps you to easily find top websites and apps, popular queries, trending images and gifs, with minimal typing, and Google Assistant, which is available, for the first time ever, on smartphones with 1GB or less of memory.

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