American Greetings Commercial Song – #GiveMeaning With A Card


American Greetings Commercial

American Greetings continues its “Give Meaning” campaign with a new commercial, highlighting that “We don’t always say what we mean.” and “When we do, it means everything”.

The spot shows how one card can make all the difference in saying what you really mean by illustrating a variety of everyday situations, like the moment when a teenager feels her mother does not understand her when actually she does, a woman fighting with her husband whose only wish is to feel loved by him, a father turned old man who’s only able to say “ok” to his son who’s helping him with his bath when he would actually want to say he is the best part of his day, an overweight young woman who’s showing her friend the middle finger during their run when the latter is pushing her over her limits, when she would actually want to say “Thank you for pushing me”, a young woman cooking a nice dinner for her life partner, when she would like to say she loves her. Finally, a man is seen giving his wife, who’s a policewoman and is heading out to go to work, an American Greetings card featuring the default text “We’re so good together. I like us. And I love you.” and a handwritten note from him that says “Jen, You’re my everything. Love, Adam”.

The song used in the ad is “Your Hand And Everything” by R&B/Soul artist Spleen, from his 2013 album, “Voices”.
Launched in May 2017 with the aim of reminding us to give meaning to the real people and moments in our lives that matter, the “Give Meaning” campaign also includes a spot titled “Tattoo” that celebrates the special persons in our lives who are no longer with us, but never leave our heart, and another one, titled “Not Alone”, that takes on infertility by featuring a couple struggling with this issue. The woman, who’s suffering a lot, is given a card and this helps her feel less alone realizing someone sees her and understands what she’s going through.

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