Walk Like A Panther (2018 Movie) – Trailer Song

Walk Like A Panther (2018 Movie)

The trailer for the upcoming British wrestling comedy Walk Like A Panther, written and directed by Dan Cadan, has been released.

According to the official synopsis, the film revolves around a group of ’80s wrestlers who are forced to don the lycra one last time when their beloved local pub is threatened by closure.

The cast includes Stephen Graham, Jill Halfpenny, Dave Johns, Sue Johnston, Lindsey Coulson, and Tom Meighan, a member of the British rock band Kasabian, whose 2004 hit single “L.S.F.” (off the album “Kasabian”) is used in the trailer.

The trailer reveals how the unlikely bunch of wrestlers set out to save their pub and community led by father-son duo Mark (played by Stephen Graham) and Trevor Bolton (Dave Johns). “It’s not going to be easy, trying to turn the clock back nearly thirty bleeding years.” – Johns’ character, Trevor, says to his team while standing in the ring wearing a jacket and wrestling singlet. In another scene, he is told that he’s got the chance to “make this a fight that won’t never be forgotten”, and in another one his team of wrestlers, called The Panthers, are encouraged to walk like the panthers that they are.

The film is set to be released this spring, on March 9.

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