Volkswagen T-Roc Car-Net Services Commercial – Lucky Man on Friday, 13th

Volkswagen T-Roc Commercial 2018

Volkswagen urges people to “arrive in style” with the new Volkswagen T-Roc, which is showcased in a new commercial highlighting the vehicle’s Car-Net Online Services.

The 90-second spot features a man who’s apparently a lucky man even on Friday 13th judging by all the situations he manages to get out of. He kicks off the day by putting a spoonful of salt in his coffee, but he doesn’t taste it because a Time Manager reminder from Car-Net Services makes him put the cup of coffee away and head out to arrive in time to his appointment. On his way to the car, he almost gets hit in the head by a flower pot and almost steps on a rake, but none of these things happen. Once in the car, everything goes smoothly thanks to the Car-Net Services: he selects the destination, warned that the fuel tank is almost empty, he finds fuel stations nearby and chooses one based on the fuel price, as listed on the display, and goes on a different route, changed due to the traffic conditions. Finally, he arrives in style at the airport, making a bunch of pigeons look at him and at his car with admiration.

The commercial ends with the tagline “We make the future real”.

According to the automaker, Car-Net refers to “everything related to in-car internet connectivity in Volkswagen vehicles” and, depending on the type of car you are driving, it covers Guide and Inform in-car information services, Security & Service, battery management for electric cars and also the ability to connect to your smartphone within your car so that you are always in touch and on top of things.

The T-Roc was awarded “Car Safety Award” at the annual What Car? Awards, being described by judges as “the safest small SUV you can buy right now, which is a real achievement in this ever-expanding market”.

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