UGG SS18 Collective Commercial Song

UGG Collective Commercial

UGG presents its SS18 Collective in a new commercial, which continues to celebrate the brand’s birthplace through a group of Californians gathered in iconic locations.

The 30-second spot features some of the ones that starred in the Autumn/Winter 2017 campaign, like self-taught fashion photographer Zackery Michael and his model girlfriend and muse Lolla McDonnell, twin brothers Wyatt and Fletcher Shears, who form the conceptual band The Garden, as well as new faces, namely Cheyenne, a student and traveler inspired by the power of nature and passionate about combating global warming, Gabriella, a student and artist who creates art in many mediums as a form of honest self-expression, Ari, a fashion blogger, creative director, and acclaimed vlogger renowned for her style web series, Daniel, a skateboarder, surfer, and snowboarder who thrives off of the freedom and exhilaration of life, Haden, a skateboarder with a style influenced by the sport’s founders and his Z-boy father, Frankie, an English and Film and Media Studies major at UCSB, Kent, a famous LA-based artist who is known for his realistic multistoried mural portraits, and Valerie, an artist, actress, and philanthropist who has worked alongside some of Hollywood’s most memorable film stars and strives to help single parents of terminally ill children through her foundation.

The song used in the ad is the 2016 single “Past Lives” by American indie rock band Local Natives, from their third studio album, “Sunlit Youth”, released in September 2016.

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