Subaru Outback Commercial Song – Couple Married The Day Of Blackout

Subaru Canada showcases the 2018 Outback in a heart-warming film, starring a couple who married in Toronto the day of the great Blackout, August 2003, and had a magical wedding reception as the stars came out above the city left without power.

Titled “Dark Sky Wedding”, the film opens with footage of the city of Toronto, while news presenters are heard saying that “one of the largest blackouts in history is now affecting millions of people”, that “scheduled flights in several cities have not been allowed to take off, routing thousands of travelers” and that this “event” would make us “surely remember where we were and what we are doing on this day”.

At this point, footage from Tammy and Dion’s wedding starts running, with their voices in the background recalling that special night. He says the blackout “forced people to take notice of this simple thing – see the stars – which is something you just don’t see in Toronto” and his wife shares a thought one of the guests expressed at their wedding reception, namely that their wedding was “in darkness”, but their “marriage will be light”.

As the film goes on, it is revealed that Subaru helped the couple, who are now parents of a little girl and owners of an Outback 36R, to share that magic again and create a new lasting memory with their loves ones. Tammy, Dion and their daughter, Raven, are seen heading to a place where their family and close friends are waiting for them under trees covered in lights to go through their wedding pictures. As they are doing that, the lights are turned off and
they see again the starlit night sky.

“We were able to experience what it was like with us it’s definitely something special for sure.” – he’s heard saying at the end of the film, which is soundtracked by Grayson Matthews’ single “Moonbeam” featuring Kelly McCluskey.