Sling A La Carte TV Commercial – Owl Lover Getting Picky About Her Gift

Sling A La Carte TV Owl Commercial

Sling TV continues its ad campaign promoting the A La Carte TV service, starting from $20/month, with a new commercial, featuring a young woman who is picky about the presents she receives.

The 30-second spot opens with her boyfriend opening a gift box, not before saying he knows she’s “into those birds” (referring to owls, which are seen all over the place in her living room). Seeing the small penguin inside the box, the woman cannot help but give a disappointed look, making it clear she doesn’t like it at all. Asked if she hates it, she denies, but her explanation (that it doesn’t have “the majestic beauty or natural grace” of a great horned owl) comes to prove the opposite. She then tries to say a nice thing about the penguin, adding that “for a flightless sickly crap bird it’s very cute.” and then she puts in an owl-shaped cookie jar, justifying her gesture by saying that, thus, she will always know where to find it. “Where the cookie is gonna go?” – the guy asks her.

“If you can get this picky about your gifts, why not get picky about your TV?” – the voiceover asks at the end of the commercial, introducing then A La Carte TV, starting at $20/month.

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