Santander Bank Piggy Commercial Song

Little Pig Lost - Santander Bank Commercial

The latest Santander Bank commercial aims to illustrate, in a heartwarming way, one of the bank’s core values, respect and highlight that Santander treat you and your money with respect.

Titled “Piggy”, the 60-second spot opens with a little girl helping her dad to put lost pet flyers on trees in their neighborhood. It soon turns out the pet is not a dog or a cat, but a piggy (actually a piggy bank that has come to life) who got lost and attempts to find his way back home through the concrete jungle, with no one helping him. The tiny animal is seen walking through a puddle, being almost hit by a car while he was trying to cross the street and by a bike while he was trying to get up on the sidewalk, and ending up in the hands of some kids willing to take the money he carries. A Santander bank officer witnessing the kids’ fight over the piggy tries to intervene, but scares them off and the piggy bank falls to the ground, breaking into pieces. The man collects everything and glues the pieces all together, bringing the piggy bank back to life. He then does his best to take good care of the piggy. He gives him a bath, takes him out for a walk, plays with him, and even adds money. One day, he sees the piggy’s photo on one of the flyers spread by the little girl and decides to take him back to her.

The spot ends with the piggy jumping out of the bank officer’s hands to reunite with his family, who are all going out of the house to welcome him back. “At Santander Bank, we want you to prosper. That’s why we treat you and your money just like you would. With respect.” – the voiceover says.

Serving as the perfect soundtrack is “Home” by American actor Billy Crudup that he performs in the 2014 musical drama film “Ruderless”.

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