Nationwide Building Society Flo & Joan Favourites Advert Song – Question for Mom

Nationwide Flo & Joan Advert

Musical comedy sisters Flo & Joan have a very important decision for their mum to make in the latest Nationwide Building Society advert.

The 20-second spot features the two siblings, Nicola and Rosie Dempsey, performing a new song, called “Favourites”, this time with lyrics addressed to their mother: “Mum, now’s the time that you have to decide, which one of us do you like best?”.

The ad, promoting the financial institution’s “Recommend a friend” program, highlights that Nationwide doesn’t believe in favourites, so if a Nationwide member recommends a current account to a friend, they both get £100 when they switch. It is also specified that you’re a member if you have a mortgage, current or savings account, that switch must be completed within 90 days of recommendation and that a minimum of two direct debits must be transferred. Other terms and conditions also apply, so you are advised to visit the society’s website for details.
The piano/percussion duo have starred so far in several other adverts for Nationwide Building Society, which is the world’s largest building society, singing about sibling rivalry, about making a house a home, and about the post-Christmas day.

The two sisters have headlined and played to sold-out audiences across North America and the UK and have appeared on Canadian TV comedy programme “This Hour Has 22 Minutes” and on BBC Radio 4’s “Fresh From the Fringe”. Moreover, they have recorded four songs for CBC Digital in Canada, they have contributed material to BBC Radio 4Xtra’s Newsjack, been featured on Funny or Die, Comedy Central and the AV Club, and appeared in the JFL Eat My Shorts Finalist and Canadian Comedy Award Nominated short, “Got Your Nose (Trophy Husbands)”.

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