Nationwide Building Society Flo & Joan Advert Song – Sisters

Nationwide Flo & Joan TV Advert

Nationwide Building Society kicked off the new year with a new advert starring comedy duo Flo & Joan.

This time, the two sisters (Nicola and Rosie Dempsey), who are born in the UK and currently live in Toronto, perform a song about sibling rivalry.

Titled “Sisters”, the song has the following lyrics:

“I like sweets
and I like crisps
I like dancing
and I like staying still.

You get on my nerves,
you infuriate me,
but we have to love each other ‘cos we’re family.

We’re just two twigs on a sororal tree
with facial similarities
chubby cheeks and doughy knees
we blame them on our family genes.

We are sisters, we have the same mother
sisters, we’d rather have a brother
sisters, we tolerate each other
it’s the least we can do.

We are sisters, I don’t really like her
sisters, but if you don’t like her
sisters, we’ll come and fight ya
oooh sisters.”

The financial institution informs that if you’re a Nationwide member and you recommend a current account to someone new, you both get £100 when they switch. Even if they are your sister. Throghout the ad it is specified that you’re a member if you have a mortgage, current or savings account.

The offer, available on FlexPlus, FlexDirect and FlexAccount, also foresees that switch must be completed within 90 days of recommendation and a minimum of 2 direct debits must be transferred.

This is not the first song performed by Flo & Joan for Nationwide Building Society. After Christmas, they have been seen on TV singing a hilarious song about the festive funk people find themselves stuck into between Christmas through the New Year.

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