M&M’S Super Bowl 2018 Commercial – Red Turns Into Danny DeVito

Danny DeVito in M&M'S Super Bowl Commercial

M&M’s has launched the 30-second version of its Super Bowl LII commercial, starring Danny DeVito.

The ad, titled “Human”, opens with Red walking on a sidewalk in the company of Brown and telling him that three people tried to eat him that day. When he finds a lucky penny and makes a wish to be human, his wish comes true: he turns into Danny DeVito. The latter is then seen approaching passersby and excitedly asking them if they want to eat him. Obviously, their answer is always “No”, which maked Red really happy.

“Nobody wants to eat me! I’m the luckiest….” – he shouts while standing in the middle of the street, when suddenly a truck hits him and catapults him in some fruits and vegetables. “You dropped your lucky penny.” – Brown tells him, handing him over the coin. Finally up on his feet again, DeVito arranges his hair using a store window as mirror and says “Man, I look good!”, but Brown cannot help but tell him he is still “short and bald”.

This is M&M’s first Super Bowl commercial after a three year break. Allison Miazga-Bedrick, brand director for Mars M&M’s, said that every year, they talk about which brand at Mars should go to the Super Bowl, and they decided it was time for M&M’s, arguing that the brand “has a lot of momentum” and, since “it’s doing really well now”, with the new caramel flavour recently launched, they are getting to where they want “in a relevancy perspective”.

The spot will air during the first quarter of Super Bowl, which takes place on February 4th and is broadcast on NBC.

DeVito is only one of the many celebrities starring in this year’s Super Bowl commercials. Matt Damon stars in Stella Artois commercial, Chris Elliott in Avocados From Mexico spot, Keanu Reeves encourages people to make a website in Squarespace Super Bowl ad, Tiffany Haddish stars in Groupon’s commercial, Bill Hader in Pringles’ commercial, and Alfonso Ribeiro in Tostitos’ commercial.

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