Mercedes-Benz G-Class Commercial – The Amber Cube

Mercedes G-Class Commercial

Mercedes-Benz has launched a teaser for its new G-Class, that will be unveiled later this month, on January 15.

Titled “The Amber Cube” and released with the hashtag #strongerthantime, the 40-second spot features an insect preserved in an amber cube, as well as a G-Class vehicle. “The DNA lives on.” – a final onscreen line reads before another one informs that the new G-Class is “coming soon”.

The German automaker aims to highlight, using the methaphor of the amber cube (note: anything caught in amber before it dries is often preserved in microscopic detail, helping scientists reconstruct life from millions of year ago; there are amazing ancient discoveries preserved in amber), that the G-Class is a “timeless vehicle that was to become a legend through the years” and proved it is stronger than time, and reveals that, thanks to the reinterpretation of its iconic design, “superb” handling, performance, “state-of-the-art” assistance systems for safety and comfort, the all-terrain vehicle “impresses under all conditions”, whether on- or off-road.

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