Mastercard Australia Barbie Army Anthem – (Stuart) Broad “Wants To Go Home”

Mastercard Australia Barbie Army Stuart

Mastercard Australia has launched a new commercial featuring a Barby Army anthem for fans to learn it and sing it his 2017/2018 Ashes Series to show their support for the Aussies.

Composed by award-winning songwriter Denis Carnahan, world’s fastest bowler Mitchell Starc and true-blue Australian cricket legend Mike Hussey, the song, titled “Wants to Go Home”, referring to English cricketer Stuart Broad, has the following lyrics:

“Broad wants to go home.
Broad wants to go home.
He don’t want to stand
at the wicket no more
where Mitchell Starc bounces
they whistle and roar.
Send him back to the sheds
where Pat Cummins can’t get at his head
Oh my let’s wave him goodbye
Broad wants to go home”.

This is not the only song composed the trio, though. There are also other songs that mention batsman Cameron Bancroft as having “the heaviest head in the West”, Nathan Lyon’s nickname, “Gary”, and renditions of the famous phrase “nice Gazza”, that began trending on social media in December 2017, as well as English cricketer Alastair Cook in an anthem raising the question “Why has Engerlang selected Alastair Cook?”.

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