LYNX Australia Commercial Song – Find Your Aussie Magic

LYNX Australia Commercial

LYNX Australia promotes its body spray in a hilarious new commercial, highlighting that, with this new product, “even Kiwi guys can find some of that Aussie magic”.

The spot opens with Humphrey, a chubby teenage boy talking to the camera about his older brother, Darius, who’s chill and confident and the “choice at everything”, saying he’s the best at rugby, at running in jandals, at DJ-ing, and, in addition to that, he “can even talk to girls”, which is, apparently, “strange behavior for a Kiwi”. At this point, Humphrey reveals he could never talk to Rachel Peckham, a gorgeous peer he secretly likes. A scene featuring him trying to approach her, while she’s in the company of her friends, is then seen, but he says it’s a fake scene since he changed his mind on his way to her and didn’t even say hello.

As the commerciel goes on, it turns out that Humphrey, who was sure Darius had a secret for being “so good at everything” and smelling “so great” all the time, finds out what it was: confidence and LYNX Australia, which helps, too.

Eventually, the kid, who concludes that “if you want to step up, you’ve got to be prepared to go down under”, manages to talk to Rachel thanks to LYNX Australia.

The commercial, soundtracked by Big Shaq’s “Man’s Not Hot”, ends with the tagline “Find You Aussie Magic Even If You’re a Kiwi”.

The range of LYNX men’s styling and grooming products also includes antiperspirants, shower gels, shampoos, hair styling and even new daily fragrance.

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