GoodnessKNOWS Advert Song – Mr Nasty

GoodnessKNOWS TV Advert

Mars Chocolate UK promotes its GoodnessKNOWS snack squares in a new ad campaign from AMV BBDO, called “Done Some Bad? Do Some Good”, which introduces Mr Nasty, an amusing villain, and informs consumers that 10% of profits go to a good cause.

The spot opens with Mr Nasty stepping on a tiny chicken toy and then raining on other people’s parade. As he walks on his way, he blows out a woman’s birthday candles, pops a heart-shaped balloon used by a guy to propose to his girlfriend, snips the heads of some colorful flowers a woman is holding, and steps on a paint tube, staining thus a young man who’s having his portrait painted by a street artist. After treating himself with a goodnessKNOWS bar and learning that he has unknowingly done some good, he’s squeezing the bar hard in his fist and throws it away, determined to do another bad thing.

“Delicious new GoodnessKNOWS. 10% of the profits go to a good cause. So even when you’ve done some bad, you can do some good.” – the voiceover says at the end of the advert, which is soundtracked by the 1980 single “Mean Man”, performed by American soul singer Betty Harris.

According to the brand, which is Mars Chocolate’s first brand launched in twenty years, 10% resulting from all sales profits will be used to support community projects and local initiatives across the UK.

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