GEICO Commercial – Woman Drawing Blonde Male Model

Blonde Male Model in GEICO Commercial

GEICO promotes its mobile app in a hilarious new commercial, showing people “how to draw a masterpiece”.

The 30-second spot features two friends, a woman (played by Allison Bills) and a man (John Pirruccello), taking an art class together, where they make a life-drawing observing a model (Sean Riley Smith) who’s posing as an ancient Greek god, sitting in a chair half-naked and keeping a white sheet to cover his lower part of the body. While sketching, the woman starts telling her friend about how she got more after having switched to GEICO, mentioning that, in addition to more savings on car insurance, she also got an award-winning mobile app, mobile ID cards, and Emergency Roadside Service. As she lists all the things she got by switching to GEICO, her sketch is seen turning into a painting exhibited in front of an art critic, that comes to life and highlights that she can even add a new driver right from her phone.

The commercial ends with the voiceover saying the tagline “Expect great savings and a whole lot more.

Sean Riley Smith (29), born in St. Louis, Missouri, is currently based in Los Angeles, and is not only a model, but also an actor, Division I Athlete, motivator, and entertainer.

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