Emirates Commercial Song – Don’t Upgrade Your Seat, Upgrade Your Airline

Emirates Commercial

Emirates has launched a hilarious new commercial, featuring some people willing to try anything to get an upgrade and urging viewers to upgrade their airline rather than their seat.

Released with the hashtag #UpgradeToEmirates, the 30-second spot opens with a young woman asking the boarding officer if there is any chance of an upgrade and being answered with a meaningful look that doesn’t make words necessary. Other travelers are also seen as they kindly ask for the same thing, one of them trying to convince the lady by giving her a bunch of flowers and another one by hypnotizing her. While a guy is complimenting the lady (“Have you tried being a model?”), a woman in her third trimester of pregnancy reveals she expects twins, and another man is juggling three oranges, but none of them seems to get what they want.

“Don’t upgrade your seat, upgrade your airline.” – says the voiceover at the end of the spot, which also highlights that Emirates was awarded 2017 “Best Economy Class in the World”.

Serving as soundtrack is the song “Daisy Daze Days” by Charlie Fieber, Mark Pigden and Ella Jones.

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