Education Connection Lullaby Commercial Song

Education Connection Baby Commercial

Education Connection promotes its services in a new commercial, highlighting that they are helping you find a Degree program that lets you study online and pursue the future you want.

The 60-second spot, dubbed “Lullaby”, features a young mother singing to her baby an original lullaby about how Education Connection has helped her, for free, to find a great school for her.

“Hush, little baby, don’t shed a tear
Mama’s going after a new career
Learned about this wonderful site
EducationConnection treats us right
They found a school that’s great for me
The best thing is they did it for free
I can study online when I’m here with you
And stay at my job while going to school
I could be a nurse, a teacher or a CPA
And by earning that degree we’ll be on our way
So hush little baby, don’t you cry
Education Connection’s on our side”

The ad ends with the voiceover urging people to go to Education Connection website on their devices (smartphone, Desktop or tablet) and start pursuing the future they and their families deserve.

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