DirecTV NOW Jennifer Lopez & Waffsicle Commercial Song – Super Saturday Night Show

DirecTV NOW Jennifer Lopez Commercial

AT&T has released a new commercial, promoting Jennifer Lopez’ DirecTV NOW Super Saturday Night concert, taking place the night before the Super Bowl in Minneapolis, February 3, in Minneapolis.

The spot opens with an onscreen line revealing that DirecTV NOW invited Waffsicle (consisting of YouTube stars Julien Solomita and Collin Duddy) to their studio and asked them to throw their next “Last Minute Trips” dart, which they did having their eyes covered with scarves. The dart is seen on Minneapolis, where this year’s Super Bowl is taking place on February 4, as well as the DirecTV NOW Super Saturday Night show. Uncovering their eyes, they see J. Lo in front of them, saying “Looks like we’re going to Minnesota!”. “Dude, is that J.Lo?” – Duddy asks his fellow, almost shocked by her presence there. The artist tells them she’s working on a “killer show” for Super Saturday Night in Minneapolis, adding “I guess I’ll see you guys there?”.

The song playing at the end of the ad is her 2011 single “On The Floor”, featuring rapper Pitbull, from her seventh studio album, “Love?”.

The pop singer was announced the headliner for DirecTV Now Super Saturday Night show in November 2017 and the tickets went on sale on December 8, 2017.

Her concert will start at 9PM PST/12MIDNIGHT EST and will be broadcast live via DirecTV, and it will also be shown via the AT&T Audience Network.

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