Diesel Commercial Song – Guy with Large Ears Having a Child with Woman with Big Nose

Diesel Commercial 2018

Diesel encourages people to “Keep the world flawed” in a hilarious new commercial, telling a “Go With The Flaw” story, part of the brand’s Spring/Summer 2018 “Flaws Always Win” campaign.

The 90-second spot opens with a guy who has a complex about his large ears, which cause him to become the target of cruel jokes and comparisons with Dumbo Jumbo. After surgically correcting this “flaw”, he becomes more confident and his life changes, especially when he meets a gorgeous blonde at a laundromat. What he doesn’t know, though, is that she had a “flaw”, as well, which she “fixed”: her nose. The two start a passionate love story, get married and have a child who it turns out got both his parents’ “flaws”: large ears and a bulgy nose.

Throughout the ad, the protagonists are sporting Diesel pieces from the brand’s new SS2018 collection, marked by “authentic ’90’s vibes”. Among the showcased styles are the tapered regular waist jeans in dark blue for men (JIFER 084SW – €295), the crew neck T-PLAZA T-shirt (€70), straight high-waist jeans in light blue for women (NICLAH-SP 084RD – €295), the S-Samy sweater (€115), a crew neck sweater whose design nods to the transformation of the Diesel logo, with the original version in red peeling off to reveal the brand new logo in black , and a maxi-length belt featuring Diesel’s edgy scratched logo.The collection, including also backpacks, caps, hats, and gloves, boots, sandals, knitwear, and more, is available for purchase at the brand’s website.

Serving as the perfect soundtrack is Small Faces’ version of “What’s a Matter Baby” (a song first recorded by Timi Yuro in 1962), released by the English rock band on the audio single “Whatcha Gonna Do About It?” in 1965.

This is not the first ad from Diesel “packed” with flaws. In September 2017, the brand launched its Fall/Winter campaign by releasing a short film created by Publicis Italia and called “Go With The Flaw”, that celebrates unique traits and encourages people to embrace their flaws and be “unordinary” because “flawless is forgettable”.

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