Bulk Powders Commercial Song – Anna Woolhouse

Bulk Powders Anna Woolhouse Commercial

Bulk Powders has released a new ad, presenting the newest member of team Bulk: Anna Woolhouse.

The TV presenter, currently fronting Sky Sports Boxing coverage, stars in a 50-second spot introducing herself as a “big fitness fan” and announcing her partnership with the leading brand in sports nutrition. The announcement is followed by footage of her carrying out various exercises, including push ups, jumping rope, and lifting weights.

The song used in the commercial is the 2016 single “Love With Your Life” by Hollyn (born Holly Marie Miller), a singer and songwriter of Christian music, from her hit Christian pop, hip-hop, urban, & EDM debut album, “One-Way Conversations”.

Woolhouse said she is “really excited” about the collaboration with Bulk Powders, mentioning that the brand’s “ethos is in line” with hers and that its range of products covers her health and fitness needs.

According to Bulk Powders, Anna trains on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, generally focusing on strength workouts. Among the supplements she uses from Bulk Powders are the Pure Whey Protein (which is her favorite product), often post-workout, Complete Intra Workout and high protein snacks like Chocolate Whey Balls.

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