Barrhead Travel Visit Jamaica in 2018/2019 Advert Song

Barrhead Travel Visit Jamaica in 2018/2019

The Holiday & Tailor-Made Travel Specialists Barrhead Travel invite you to visit Jamaica in 2018/2019 with them.

“There is something in the people, something in the sun. There is something in the air. Something in the water. Something in the night. It’s called All Right. And it’s something you can only find in here. Jamaica. Home of All Right.” – the voiceover says in the 30-second spot, which features people enjoying their holiday in Jamaica.

Youngsters are seen dancing and having fun at concerts and parties, at the beach, in the water, a bride and a groom are seen looking at each other as they spend their wedding day in Jamaica, against a stunning backdrop, and kids are seen playing joyfully in the water.

The advert, soundtracked by a cover version of Bob Marley’s iconic song “One Love”, ends with the tagline “Jamaica – Home of All Right” and with an onscreen line inviting viewers to book their holiday today. A contact phone number, as well as the travel operator’s website are also shown.

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